General Choi Hong Hi  9th November 1918-15th June 2002

Founded the name Taekwon-Do on 11th April 1955. With the agreement of prominent leaders of Korean society.
In 1959 Taekwon-Do spread beyond its national boundaries. When General Choi and 19 of his top black belts toured the far East.
In 1960 General Choi took Taekwon-do to America. Throughout the early sixty’s General Choi established Taekwon-do in Malaysia, Singapore, West Germany, Italy, Turkey and the Arab Republics.
On the 22nd March 1966 the International Taekwon-do Federation was formed.
In 1967 taekwon-do was introduced in the UK, with the arrival of one of General Choi’s leading ambassadors Rhee Ki Ha.
Continuing through Europe General Choi visited France, Spain, Holland and Belgium. India and Canada where also visited this year 1968.
Throughout the seventies General Choi and his team of Black belts spread Taekwon-do over most of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the far East, the America’s and Australia.
1985 Japan opened a Taekwon-do school for the first time. China welcomed General Choi in 1986 and in 1988 Taekwon-do was introduced into Russia.
In 1995 General Choi conducted his 100th seminar in Bratislava , the capital of the Slovak Republic.
30 years after introducing Taekwon-do into the UK, Master Rhee Ki Ha , a pioneer instructor . Was promoted by General Choi, to 9th degree, Grand Master.                                                       312642_254273221269905_1079647_n

                       First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha O.C.M.
Was the first person to leave Korea with the profession of Taekwon-do instructor in his passport . This was in 1964 and as such he was General Choi’s first Taekwon-do pioneer .
Grand Master Rhee was member of General Choi’s world Taekwon-do demonstration team.
Grand Master Rhee introduced Taekwon-do to the British Isles on the 2nd July 1967.
General Choi has acclaimed Grand Master Rhee, as the greatest ever practitioner of taekwon-do and on 2nd July 1997, after 16 years as a 8th degree, Grand Master Rhe was the first person in the world to be promoted by the founder to 9th degree.
For his services to humanity the Korean government awarded Grand Master Rhee with the Order of Civil Merit on August 15th 1972.
Many honours have been bestowed on Grand Master Rhee, including the vice president of the ITF, president of the UKTA, RITA and the AETF. Patron, Technical advisor and director of Promotions for A.C.E.

He is the only person to be given life membership of the British Taekwon-do council.


A.C.E. Founder. Grand Master Paul Cutler IX Degree

A.C.E. Founder.
Grand Master Paul Cutler
IX Degree

Grandmaster Paul Cutler started Taekwon-Do in 1973 at the age of 25 in Oxford, England.  He attained the rank of Black Belt in 1978 and began teaching Taekwon-Do.  He went on to obtain his 4th Dan in 1985.  GMPC became a member of the UKTA Committee in 1983 & National Secretary 1985 – 1996. During this time he revamped & computerized the administration and generally raised the standards of the Association, setting a new benchmark.  When promoted to 7th Dan in 1998 he became the first ever student of FGMR’s to promote to Master status.  Meeting FGMR on return to the UK from Australia in 2002, following the death of General Choi convinced him of his need to help FGMR from a closer position.

GMPC was awarded Grandmaster on 29 October 2011 becoming the first ever student of First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha and the first UK national to be promoted to Grandmaster.

GMPC for many years has been the right hand man of First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha and travels with him when possible assisting and promoting Taekwon-Do throughout the world giving him first hand knowledge of ITF technique, making GMPC one of the most up-to-date Taekwon-Do Instructors in the world.